Your Opinion and Ideas are very important to the CLGC Pub and Grill. We are asking for your help to help us provide the best services possible to our membership. Guests are welcome!

We would like to take the opportunity on Monday, November 13th at 6:30 PM, to hold an informal Q&A with our members pertaining to the Pub Club Events, Menu offerings and Overall Services that we provide to our members. We would like to hear your ideas on ways that we can encourage even greater participation from our community, discuss different venues that we can offer in the Spring season, and even have some fun and good eats while we pick your brains.

We have been in operation for a while now, so we know you have had a chance to think about it. We hope that we have provided some good times this season and we ask your help in making next season an even greater success.

Please Join Us!

Thank You for your continued support!