• The course is open today, and carts are 90 degrees.
  • The Range is open, hitting off mats.
  • The golf shop is open from 8 until 5 today.
  • Grill will be open from 10 until 5
  • Come out and enjoy lunch at the grill!
  • Lunch Specials: Bowl of Chili (6.95) or fish/FF/slaw for $7.95. Soup of the day is low country chowder for $6.95.
  • Friday Night is pasta night at the CLGC grill! Dinner is pesto chicken fettuccine, Caesar salad, garlic bread, dessert and a drink for $9.99.  Reservations are required, call the grill to reserve your table by 11am!

All interested golfers…the Washington Yacht and Country Club will be hosting a Carolinas Golf Association seminar covering the rules of golf.  The event is free to any members of CGA clubs (Cypress Landing ), and rule books will be offered.  The rules of golf have some changes coming in 2019, and this would be a great opportunity to have a refresher course on the current rules, and upcoming changes.   ​The event will be on Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30 pm.  They are always interesting so I hope you all can come…the bar will be open!!!