CLGC Benefits Matrix

See all membership categories and associated CLGC benefits in one easy to read matrix

CLGC 2018 Dues and Fees

See and compare costs for one CLGC membership versus another – helps decide what membership level is best for you!

CLGC By-Laws

This document (currently being reviewed/updated) defines how CLGC operates including such items as: officers, voting rights, committees and their responsibilities, etc.  To view select button below:

Real Estate Advantage Program

CLGC encourages people who have recently moved into the area (within AND outside of Cypress Landing) to join with additional savings (~20%)on dues during the first year of membership.  It’s simple, provide: closing date and realtor information and if closing was within the last year then we’ll apply the discount.  The application form includes a checkbox for this discount.  This discount applies to: General, Copper, and Weekend membership categories.